Company Profile

Alpha Steel Company (ASC) is located in Sulaymaniyah city north, Iraq. This company owns the Alpha Steel Factory for melting iron, recycling steel, and producing billets and rebar. The factory was built in 2009. It benefits from scraps and damaged irons for recycling to convert them into new products such as L-section and reinforcing bars. Steel is the most widely used construction material due to its unique mix of affordability and durability. Steel consumption is expected to grow in the future years due to rising building and infrastructure investment. Therefore, Alpha Steel is promoting the development of a mini-mill steel project in Iraq to produce billets and rebar, mainly for the construction sector. This plan will include all that is necessary including inculcation furnaces of 12 and 15 tons with the capacity of 350 tons per day, a continuous casting machine (CCM), and a rolling mill for producing different sizes of rebar. The available raw material for our factory’s production would be steel scrap and DRI-HBI (in the future).